How to care for your X-ONE!

Activate & wash glove

1. Carefully remove the protective film from the latex covering. Usually this is relatively easy.

2. Before using the glove for the first time, wash out the glove with lukewarm water, get it really wet and gently wring it out to activate the grip of your rubber.

3. Clean your glove with lukewarm water after the game or training (there are also certain detergents for this, but it is not necessary). Treat your rubber with care, the softer the latex, the better the catching properties, but this also means that abrasion is more sensitive (therefore there is no guarantee on the inner coating). So your glove should always be wetter than too dry and kept in a glove pocket, so it lasts longer. To keep your glove soft, clean and maintain its quality, follow these tips and you'll have longer fun and safer games.

4. After activating or washing, allow gloves to air dry, do not tumble dry, place on heater or direct sun.