Alexander(Xandi) Herzog

alexander xandi herzog tormann

I have set myself the Goal to bring a top professional glove at a great Price on the market. Of Cours, my many years of experience as a goalie and Coach was of Advantage.


I'm convinced that a top glove should always have the same important Features that maken a match glove and characterize it. Of course, the "style factor" must be considered - no question, but with a lot of bells and whistles and Fashion Trends I do not start too much. The XONE glove must give the keeper the security he Needs to celebrate his achievements!



 It would be nice if you are a keeper of our  XONE Team and go with us the way to bring a new top brand on the lawn and present!




Alexander Xandi Herzog





Tormann : SC Helfort, SK Rapid Wien, Red Star Auto, SV Gablitz, FC Tulln, SC Pyhra, SC Elite, SC Währing Döbling, SC Mauerbach

Tormanntrainer : SK Rapid Wien, SV Schwechat, LAC, SC Mauerbach, Privat Individual Trainer

Ausbildung : Trainerlizenz Wiener Fußball Verband, Tormanntrainer Ausbildung Bayrischer Fußball Verband, Keeper Coaching Seminare




To produce goealkeeper gloves that can complete without ifs and buts with the big ones in the market and that are in a Price range, that every keeper makes a top professional glove happy!