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I proudly present you my new brand for all keepers - x-one by Alexander Xandi Herzog

The new brand X-ONE was brought to life by me Xandi Herzog. With my team, consisting of active and former goalkeepers, the X-ONE PRO SAFE goalkeeper glove was developed and tested at the highest level.

 The professional glove X-ONE PRO SAFE with its great Xtreme Tech Grip and its special wearing comfort is the newcomer on the market. Professional goalkeepers and countless amateur keepers have already convinced themselves of the "new" and declared it top in a short time. It not only impresses with its excellent quality but also shines with its sensational price. It is anything but a "good" glove, it can easily compete with all the big brands at the top level.

Its new Xtreme Tech LATEX has the ultimate grip, but is not as overly sensitive as most soft latex. With good care, the durability is extended by a bit. During development, great care was taken to ensure that there are no losses in terms of catching properties and grip and that it remains a professional glove.


Convince yourself, you will be amazed.


 Xandi Herzog


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